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Artist Bio:

Andrew Moreno was born in Anaheim in California in 1990. Andrew began drawing at the at the tender age of 5 with charcoal and graphite which was given to him by his late great uncle Wax Sculptor Henry Hank Alvarez. After receiving material and supplies through his uncle, Andrew went to work by studying Hank's work. Throughout the years he learned many different mediums and surfaces but largely focused on the human figure and it's challenging nature. Andrew graduated from College earning a Bachelors of Science in business and another degree in fine arts. Today Andrew resides in Arizona as a full time fine artist selling his art online independently. With over 3,000 paintings and drawings sold globally, he feels this is just the beginning. 

 Artist Statement:

I take the human figure and challenge it in every way possible daily. Through each pose and or idea, I continue learning and remain humble as I look back at each piece. I pour everything I have into my work and consider that today can be my last and the time recorded on paper or canvas is my life. When people view my work I want them to respect it for it's beauty, quality and creativity.